7. June 2016

Kariem in Motion. Selected Videos (mostly in German):

Athletissima-Video: My Nutrition 5/5 (02.06.17)
Athletissima-Video: My Ice Bath 4/5 (01.06.17)
Athletissima-Video: Zurich EM 2014 3/5 (31.05.17)
Athletissima-Video: My Strenght Training 2/5 (30.05.17)
Athletissima-Video: My Agenda 1/5 (29.05.17)
Studioguest SRF sportpanorama (28.05.17)
New Swiss Record over 300m Hurdles  Langenthal (25.05.17)
UBS Kids Cup Day, Glanz & Gloria (27.04.17)
Sechseläuten Zürich SRF (24.04.17)
Sechseläuten Zürich Tele Züri (24.04.17)
Galà dei Castelli: Hussein and Sprunger win in Bellinzona (06.06.16)
Athletics: Kariem Hussein at the Meeting in Zofingen (14.05.16)
New hurdles for the star: Kariem Hussein as a coach (10.09.2015)
Kariem Hussein combines Sports and Medical School (fr., 24.04.2015)
Kariem Hussein is “Newcomer of the Year” (14.12.2014)
Kariem Hussein: The European Champion Who Came Out of Nowhere (19.11.2014)
Kareem Hussein Before the Home European Championship (30.07.2014)

Berichte/Interviews Print:
Fragebogen WM London, St. Galler Tagblatt (30.07.2017)
Ich verpasse viele Vorlesungen (05.07.2017)
SI Golf Magazin (12.06.2016)

TV Interviews:
Hussein’s Quest for the Rhythm (04.06.2015)
Kariem Hussein: The Sprinting Physician (10.05.2015)
Kariem Hussein at Kurt Aeschbacher (02.10.2014)
European Athletics Champion: In Conversation with Kariem Hussein (24.08.2014)
Studio Guest: Kariem Hussein about his Career (10.08.2014)

Sport Events:
Auffahrtsmeeting Langenthal, 300m Hurdles new Swiss Record (25.05.17)
Galà dei Castelli 2016, 400m Hurdles Men (06.06.16)
Diamond League: Hussein ends season on the podium (11.09.15)
Diamonds League: Hussein with first Swiss victory since 2001 (03.09.2015)
Athletics: World Championships Beijing, Semi-Final 400m hurdles Men (23.08.2015)
Athletics: World Championships Beijing, Heats 400m hurdles with Kariem Hussein (22.08.2015)
Athletics: Kariem Hussein before Diamond League in Zurich  (02.08.2015)
Gala dei Castelli 2015: 400m hurdles Men (21.07.2015)
Diamond League: Hussein Sprints with Season Best on 5th place (04.06.2015)
Diamond League: Hussein on 4th Place in Eugene (30.05.2015)
Ice Hockey: Spengler Cup VIP-Interview with Kariem Hussein (27.12.2014)
Continental Cup: Hussein Hussein runs European Best Time (13.09.2014)
Continental Cup: Kariem Hussein at the IAAF Continental Cup (13.09.2014)
European Athletics Championships: Kariem Hussein the Day after the Gold-Coup (16.08.2014)
European Athletics Championships: Interview with Kariem Hussein (16.08.2014)
European Athletics Championships: Kariem Hussein is European Champion! (15.08.2014)
European Athletics Championships: Gold for Kariem Hussein (15.08.2014)
European Athletics Championships: Kariem Hussein wins the 400 m Hurdles Semi-Finals (13.08.2014)
Athletics Championships: A Portrait of 400 m Hurdler, Kariem Hussein (30.07.2014)

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