As the son of a Swiss mother and an Egyptian father, I spent my childhood in Taegerwilen, an idyllic farm community of 5,000 inhabitants at Lake Constance. I’m the middle child – and only son. Nothing can be better than having two sisters. For a long time, Taegerwilen was the center of my world. It was there that I completed both primary and secondary school at the foot of Castell Castle. I then ventured out to the city. To Kreuzlingen, to attend high school. Directly after graduation in 2009, I entered medical school in Fribourg and completed my bachelor’s degree in 2012. I received my master’s degree from the University of Zurich, where I graduated as a doctor in 2018. Bringing both competitive sports and medical studies together wasn’t easy; it was quite demanding and required perfect organisation. Yet, I gladly take on such challenges. They push me and help me grow. I see these challenges as hurdles – obstacles one must learn to overcome.

Friends, going out and spending time with my family are what I cherish most. And also, soccer. In my first sports career, I fell in love with Manchester United. Since childhood, I have dreamed of attending a live Champions League game of the Red Devils in Old Trafford. Lake Constance is magnificent, my favourite lake. Yet, I love the sea even more. A vacation without the seaside? Impossible! Just like a life without music; it doesn’t work. I prefer to listen to Minimal House. And live concerts are also a must. The Lenny Kravitz live concert at ‘Moon & Stars’ in Locarno was a personal highlight.