My father grew up in Cairo, my mother in Taegerwilen. Consequently, I spent my childhood in Taegerwilen – an idyllic Swiss farm community of 4,000 inhabitants at Lake Constance. I’m the middle child – and only son. Nothing can be better than having two sisters. For a long time, Taegerwilen was the center of my world. It was there that I completed both primary and secondary school at the foot of Castell Castle. I then ventured out to the city. To Kreuzlingen, to attend high school. Directly after graduation in 2009, I entered medical school in Fribourg and completed my Bachelor’s in 2012. Currently, I’m enrolled at the medical school of the University of Zurich to pursue my Masters degree. Bringing both competitive sports and medical studies together isn’t easy; it’s quite demanding and requires perfect organisation. Yet, I gladly take on such challenges. They push me and help me grow. I see these challenges as hurdles – obstacles one must learn to overcome.

In my free time, I relax from my studies and trainings. Friends, going out and spending time with my family are what I cherish most. And also, football. In my first sports career, I fell in love with Manchester United. Since childhood, I have dreamed of attending a live Champions League game of the Red Devils in Old Trafford. Lake Constance is magnificent, my favourite lake. Yet, I love the sea even more. A vacation without the seaside? Impossible! Just like a life without music; it doesn’t work. I prefer to listen to Minimal House. And live concerts are also a must. The Lenny Kravitz live concert at ‘Moon & Stars 2012’ in Locarno was a personal highlight.