1 Stadium, 1 Chance, 1 Round, 10 Hurdles, 400 Metres.

Heart­beat, bre­a­thing, con­cen­tra­ti­on, calm – rhythms cha­rac­te­ri­se and shape my life. I love the rhythms of … my fa­mi­ly, my fri­ends, love and ca­ring, a foot­ball match, Man­ches­ter United, Mi­ni­mal Hou­se, a slow-paced eve­ning, a ca­re­free soul, the sea­si­de wa­ves, Cai­ro and Ta­e­ger­wi­len, Egypt and Swit­z­er­land, a light din­ner ac­com­pa­nied by a good con­ver­sa­ti­on, sports, achie­ve­ment and disap­point­ment, win­ning and lo­sing, ap­plau­se and a ra­c­ing pul­se, fri­endship, a hand­shake, an ho­nest word, me­di­cal school, the doc­tor’s vi­sit, birth, a dia­gno­sis, world-class sports and stu­dy­ing, pres­su­re and re­li­ef, ner­vous­ness and fo­cus, con­cen­tra­ti­on and al­ert­ness, my heart, my life, lar­ge cham­pi­ons­hips, the Olym­pic Ga­mes, the vic­to­ry ce­re­mo­ny, “Sta­di­on Let­zi­grund”, the Swiss na­tio­nal an­them, day and night, the Eu­ro­pean Cham­pi­ons­hip tit­le, the rhythm of the 14th of Au­gust 2014, “on your marks – set – go”, tact­ful­ness, and the rhythm of my life’s mot­to: Stay rea­lis­tic and be­lie­ve in the im­pos­si­ble.


9. November bis 1. December 2018
Training Camp in South Africa

5. January bis 26. January 2019
Training Camp in South Africa